Australia Day 2014

Patrick's Friendly Tours - Friday, January 17, 2014
The country’s biggest celebration of the year. Australia day which is celebrated on the 26th of January, is the anniversary of Captain Arthur Phillip’s arrival with the First Fleet of 11 convicts ships from Great Britain at Sydney Cove, who with the raising of the British flag marked what was to become a great nation. This day celebrates all what has been achieved and made us proud as a nation, and helps us to think on how we can make it an even better place for the new generations to come.
There will be events taking place all throughout the country, with many attending organised community events, and others getting together with familiy and friends but all with the same purpose, to celebrate all whats good about Australia & being an Australian, a united nation that strives to better itself.
In New South Wales alone, there will be over 5000 events taking place.

For further information please visit the official site for Australia Day.


Patrick's Friendly Tours - Wednesday, March 20, 2013
ANZAC DAY coming up on the 25th of April.
ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day, is the anniversary of the Australian and New Zealand troops landing on the peninsula of Gallipoli, Turkey in the 1st world war on the 25th od April 1915.
On this date we remember the bravery of all the military personel who participated in this campaign and those who gave their lives for their country.
Many ceremonies, parades & activities take place on ANZAC DAY throughout the country. A dawn prayer and church services take a high priority on this day, as they represent the comradeship that the soldiers experienced each morning when they rose to face another day of military action.
For further information regarding ANZAC DAY, please visit the official site.