Here are some images of the wonderful Sydney sights that you can see on our tours, check back soon for more photos.
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= Sydney City Sightseeings =

Collection of images from our city sights. Come along with us to see one of the most beautiful harbour city in the world!

Travelling over the Sydney Harbour BridgeOn the Manly FerrySydney City from the FerryView from Mrs Macquarie's Chair
View from Mrs Macquarie's ChairMrs Macquarie's ChairSydney Opera HouseSt Mary's Cathedral 聖マリア大聖堂
Sydney CitySpectacular Sydney HarbourSydney Harbour BridgeSydney Harbour Cruise

=The Blue Mountains's Four Seasons=


= Hunter Valley =

The oldest wine producing region of Australia. This is where the history of Australian wine begun. Join us to follow the wine trail in our DT3: Wine Tasting tour. 

VineyardsWine TastingGrape Vines
Cellar InspectionGrapes fruiting in summerCheers!Fields of the Hunter
Learning about the wine making processHunter Valley black olivesHunter Valley green olives

= Australian Animals =

From furry & cuddly to scaly. Meet our favourite friends at the wildlife park where we visit during DT1/DT1L: Blue Mountains & Wildlife Park Tour.

Blotchy Shingle Back Lizard soaking up the sun. 日光を浴びて充電中のマダラマツカサトカゲBluetongue Lizard アオジタトカゲTasmanian Devil chewing a bone.  お食事中のタスマニアン・デビル。頑丈なあごで皮も骨も完食してしまいます。Tasmanian Devil  タスマニアン・デビル
The dingo twins were born early winter.Getting sleepy in the sun...
The white pup shows that it is carrying Snowy Mountains Dingo's genes.

= Dingo Cubs 2014 =

Dingo (Australian wild dog) gave birth to beautiful seven cubs (2 boys & 5 girls) on the 30th of June at the wildlife park which we visit on our tour to the Blue Mountains.

The mother of seven enojyoing some quiet time. 7つ子のお母さんJust over a mounth since being born. 生後1ヶ月少々、まだ耳が垂れています。3段重ね
Oooops!Catching up with Dad.   お父さんと休憩The gang of seven.  7つ子勢ぞろい
2 Boys & 5 Girls were born on 30th of June.  2♂+5♀、6月30日誕生。They seems to be teething.  生え始めで歯がゆいのかどの子も頻繁に切り株を噛んでいますTheir favourite

= Australian Birds =

Our gorgeous feathered friends. Believe us, you can find them in wild, too!  

The Eight Sisters.
Emu Chicks forming a heart shape! 綺麗なハート型に座るエミューの雛Red-Browed FinchRed-Browed Finch フヨウチョウ(芙蓉鳥)Red-Browed Finch フヨウチョウ(芙蓉鳥)
Red-Browed Finch フヨウチョウ(芙蓉鳥)Beutiful Firetail Finch 小さくてすばしこく撮影に苦労したサザナミスズメBeutiful Firetail Finch サザナミスズメBeutiful Firetail Finch 眼鏡模様がかわいいサザナミスズメ

= Yellow Robins =

Tiny golden birds in the bush. It's easier to spot them in sunny spots on footpath or the edge of forest in colder month.

Eastern Yellow Robin

= Jenolan Caves=

= Jacarandas in Sydney =


= Cattle Farm Visit - Private Charter =

A guest from Spain who is a cattle farmer requested a visit to a farm. So off we go! to green meadows. 

Young calf with its mum.Mums & calves gathering under a tree for shade.Lots of Qs & As via our Spanish speaking guide. 今日はスペインで肉牛の売買に携わるお客様。スペイン語ガイドのアレハンドロを介して飼料や飼育、販売まで様々な質疑応答が交わされます。
360 ̊ panorama from the top of the hill!  360丘の上からは360度の絶景!Heifers, soon to be mums.  初産前の若い牝牛はヘイファーと呼ばれます。この子たちは受精済みで妊娠中。6月ごろから出産ラッシュが始まります。
With the owners of the farm, Mr. & Mrs. Barnes.   牧場オーナーのバーンズご夫妻と。

= Vivid Sydney =

Sydney's biggest cultural event in winter which made an attendance record of 1,430,000 in 2014! Entire city of Sydney begin to shine under starry sky only for 18 days. This is the biggest scale exhibition of its kind.

Vivid Sydney 2013Vivid Sydney 2013Vivid Sydney 2013Vivid Sydney 2013
Vivid Sydney 2013Vivid Sydney 2013Vivid Sydney 2013Vivid Sydney 2013
Vivid Sydney 2013Vivid Sydney 2013Vivid Sydney 2013Vivid Sydney 2013