We get lots of positive and lovely comments from our clients, here are just some of them. We will keep updating them.

Personal Touch!

Thank you for an excellent tour! We really have enjoyed the personal touch and all the information. The tour is so well planned, it really is a Friendly Tour! Thank you Chie and Alejandro!

Tourist - Stockholm, Sweden (DT1L)

Great Day to Remember!

Thank you very much Alejandro & Chie for this wonderful tour. I enjoyed a lot all the information about the tour and Australia, especially the great knowledge and entertaining way. I would have loved to stay more time! Great day to remember! Congratulations and thanks again! Perfect day!

Marianne Suranyi - Las Condes, Santiago, Chile (DT1L)

A Pleasant Day!

It has been a pleasant day. The place is not so far from Sydney and the Park is splendid, such a huge forest. The walk is pleasant & fresh, and the view from the telepheric is amazing. The tour has been well organized and we were well accompanied. Thank you!

M. Ferreiro - Bruseels, Belgium (DT1L)

Quite Impressive!

It is a nice trip.I like the way of touching animals at Featherdale. Quite impressive by seeing animals I can't see in other places. I have learned a lot in the way of visiting the Blue Mountains. The small town Leura is really nice, I just want to stay there.ng animals at Featherdale. Quite impressive by seeing animals I can't see in other places. I have learned a lot in the way of visiting the Blue Mountains. The small town Leura is really nice, I just want to stay there.

Connie - Guang Zhou China (DT1)

Truly Enjoyed it!

I truly enjoyed spending a day with Patrick's Friendly Tours in the Blue Mountains. Patrick is an experienced & knowledgeable guide. He gave us lots of facts and shared interesting stories like the Three Sisters throughout the trip. He is engaging & humorous. From this trip I learned a lot, specially two things: 1) Be gentle to animals & show them respect, 2) Mountain Devil. Thanks for showing us around and the koala souvenir. P.S. I am not afraid of animals now!

Charis Chia - Singapore (DT1)

Perfect Organization!

Super Friendly & helpful tour guides. Perfect timing on the tour. Both guides have very good knowledge. Super lunch, it was fabulous. The day was perfect for me. Wonderful! 

Eleonore Heeg - Germany (DT1L)

Fabulous Day!

Great tour, very interesting. So good to be with people that are so friendly & enjoy what they do!

Mr. & Mrs. Harris - London, U.K (DT1BL)

Totally Value For Money! 

Patrick & Chie are wonderful guides. Patrick shared everything he knows about the places we visited & more. His knowledge of the areas & the history behind is just phenomenal, and he tells it in a very interesting manner. We will definitely recommend Patrick's Friendly Tours to all our friends & family members. Thank you for making our tour such a memorable one. This is one of the best tours ever.

Jannis & Patrick Thararajah - Malaysia (DT1)

A Great Day!

Patrick is fantastically knowledgeable and a truly professional guide. He looks after you constantly, making sure you get the very best views and best spots on cable cars. Thanks for a great day!
Mr. T - Japan (DT1)

Nice & relaxed tour!

Patrick's Friendly Tours is really very friendly. There is no rush to get to different attractions, it is a nice and relaxed tour.A+++ we will go again.

Ming Z Wanh - Singapore (DT1BL)

Great Tour!

The tour was great. We received good general and specific information. We enjoyed the walk, train and lunch. Thank you!! Riahd & Inge Sabir - Brampton, Canada (DT1BL)

Excellent Guidance!

Excellent guidance and information (both scientific and historical) provided by Mr. Alejandro Patricio Muñoz. The travel was very safe & punctual at all the places we visited around the Blue Mountains. Very cordial attitude of Mr. Alejandro has encouraged us to visit again the Blue Mountains area under his guidance and very helpful cooperation. 

Jyoti & Lalchand Gwalani,Ph.D. Research Geologist & Editor - Perth, Australia (DT1)

Easily The Best!

This is easily the best tour I have taken. Not a single aspect was neglected, the guide Alejandro was very knowledgeable and shared it with us. Loved it, and will come back again soon!! This tour company sets the standard for tour operators. Thanks for everything!

Shradha Gwalani - Perth, Australia (DT1)

Highly Recommended!

Personal, friendly and a great way to immerse  yourself in the spectacular Blue Mountains.Highly recommended!

Elizabeth Worrall - Brisbane, Australia (DT1B)

Very Enjoyable!

Very Knowledgeable and passionate guides and amazing scenery. Very enjoyable!

Katie Mackenzie - Surry, England (DT1B)


The tour was exceptional, not only did we see all the highlights described on the website, we were able to move at our own pace. Alejandro and Chie are knowledgeable about the area, but they are also professional, thoughtful, and warm. We had a marvelous time, the best time in Sydney.It was like being taken around by family, Alejandro and Chie are delightful and the Blue Mountains are striking. Perhaps the nicest things were the animals at Featherdale and I was very impressed with their feeling about the animals.

Dan & Susan Burke - Annandale, VA, USA (DT1L)

As Promised!

As promised by its name we experienced a very friendly tour. Fully guided with rich & detailed information, as well as a great itinerary which allowed us to enjoy many attractions without rushing, it was very relaxed.My family enjoyed this tour very much, in one day we learned a lot about Australia. Thank you very much.

Med & family - Jakarta, Indonesia (DT1)

We recommend this tour to everyone!

We recommend this tour to everyone.We have enjoyed the generous comments and explanations of our guide, as well as all the details and attentions given to us during the tour. Very professional and personalized tour. Thank you!

Lynda-Ann Murray & Marcel Chretien - Quebec, Canada (DT1)

Absolutely Fantastic Tour!

Absolutely fantastic tour! Chie and Patrick are friendly, enthusiastic and very informative guides. I loved visiting the Featherdale Wildlife Park and seeing the 3 sisters was spectacular! I would definitely recommend your tours to anyone.Thank you for a great day!

Emma Saltmarsh - Tasmania (DT1L)

Excellent tour, lived up to its name!

Excellent tour, lived up to its name! We joined in The Blue Mountains & Wildlife Park tour, and Sydney City Sights Day Tour. Patrick + Chie both very good hosts, and everyone in my family thoroughly enjoyed themselves on each day. Would highly recommend to anyone planning on visiting Sydney. Also Sydney City Sights tour was excellent. Very informative and packed with everything. 

Simon - United Kingdom (DT1 & FD1)

Thank you for a magnificent day!

We are so glad we were recommended your tour to the Blue Mountains, we had a great time.Loved the wildlife park, it was awesome to get so close and touch the animals.Patrick was very friendly and informative,also gave us a few tips for dinner which worked out great.Thank you for a maginificent day.

 Mark & family - U.S.A (DT1L)

Sydney is a beautiful city!

Thank you for giving us such a wonderful day, the tour was very informative, relaxed and friendly. Sydney is a beautiful city and has so much to offer, we would love to come back. Our appreciation goes to Patrick for being so courteous & helpful.
Mr & Mrs Anders - U.S.A (FD1)