About Patricks Friendly Tours


Perhaps you, like many other people go on holidays with the goal of escaping from your busy everyday life. Unfortunately, you could encounter the same situation by taking a tour that rushes you from location to location, in order to meet the tour company’s deadlines.

Patrick’s Friendly Tours was established in order to provide a service that offers a relaxed and friendly environment. For this reason we specialise in small groups, and by this we mean no more than 11 passengers (Unless otherwise requested by private groups). This way we can give a more personal service, which our customers both want and deserve.

We aim to have our clients enjoy all the highlights of the day, visit as many locations as possible escorted by our friendly and knowledgeable guide, with enough time to get acquainted with each visited area, and still feel refreshed by the experience. We pass on sufficient information so that you can take vivid memories away with you – not just photographs.

It is your holiday, and you deserve to enjoy it to the utmost. Our aim is to provide you with the most enjoyable and memorable experience in Sydney Australia.  

Come and join us - let’s have a great day together with Patrick’s Friendly Tours.


Accreditation No 23631

ABN 25 117 945 565